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Foundations of Cognitive Science

WS 2020 Dr. phil. habil. Annette Hohenberger ONLINE
B.Sc modules:
CS-BW-IP - Foundations of Cognitive Science
KOGW-PWB - Distinguishing elective courses
Fri: 10-12

This lecture series gives a broad overview of cognitive science: its history, domains of study and contributing disciplines (philosophy, linguistics, artificial intelligence, psychology, anthropology, and neuroscience). We will focus on the interdisciplinary nature of cognitive science and assess what implications this has for the study of the mind. Major topics and controversies in the domains of perception, action, learning, memory, problem solving, and language will be highlighted. In addition, the empirical and experimental approach, research ethics, and the role of cognitive modeling will be discussed. Although the main format of the course is lecturing the audience is encouraged to actively participate, ask questions and express their own knowledge and ideas. Students have to be correct on 50% of 5 online (multiple-choice) questions per session for passing the course and obtaining 3 ECTS credit points. This course makes no prerequisites other than having an “open mind” and welcomes students from other study programs as well.