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Face Recognition

WS 2020 Ulf Krumnack ONLINE
B.Sc modules:
CS-BWP-NI - Neuroinformatics
KOGW-WPM-NI - Neuroinformatics
M.Sc modules:
CC-MWP-NI - Neuroinformatics
CS-MWP-NI - Neuroinformatics
Fri: 10-12

Face recognition has seen rapid developments during the last years and is still an area of active research. Due to the great variability of face images, not just with respect to standard factors as illumination, occlusion, scale and orientation, but also caused by facial expression, makeup, hairstyle, and aging, recognizing faces in the wild is still a challenging problem. This seminar will cover various topics in the context of face recognition, including the standard steps of detection, alignment and embedding, but also applications, face tracking, approaches for face image generation, and methods for countering face recognition systems. The ideal participant of this seminar has a background in machine learning and computer vision and some experience in working with deep learning frameworks. However, none of these is a hard requirement.