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Treatment of Eating Disorders in Virtual Reality Part III

WS 2020 Prof. Dr. med. Peter K├Ânig, M. Sc. Farbod Nosrat Nezami, to be announced NN ONLINE
M.Sc modules:
CC-MP-SP - Study Project
CS-MP-SP - Study Project
Tue: 14-20

This project will collaborate with Lebensimpulse, a therapeutic living community for eating disorder patients. We met repeatedly with the staff from Lebensimpulse and worked together. This way we got to know about the disorder and learned about how current therapy is done in their center. The aim of the project is to plan, implement and test a potential treatment for eating disorders in VR. We have about 15 patients who already know about our project and are very interested in participating. Preparing a precise plan, ethics proposal, etc. is part of the study project.