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Experimental linguistics reading club

WS 2020 Vinicius Macuch Silva ONLINE
B.Sc modules:
CS-BWP-CL - (Computational) Linguistics
CS-BWP-CNP - Cognitive (Neuro-)Psychology
KOGW-WPM-CL - Computational Linguistics
KOGW-WPM-KNP - Cognitive (Neuro-)Psychology
M.Sc modules:
CC-MP-IDC - Interdisciplinary Course
CC-MWP-CL - Computational Linguistics
CS-MP-IDC - Interdisciplinary Course
CS-MWP-CL - (Computational) Linguistics
CS-MWP-CNP - Cognitive (Neuro-)Psychology

CS-MW - Master elective course
Doctorate program
Wed: 10-12

Prerequisites: Any psycholinguistics or experimental psychology class, including Experimental Psychology Lab; Basic knowledge of inferential statistics is expected. This course is offered as a reading club where participants meet every week to discuss an experimental paper dealing with linguistic and language-related topics. We will cover a wide range of experimental methodologies and paradigms, focusing primarily on higher-order cognitive and linguistic phenomena. Topics of interest include but are not limited to theory of mind, argumentative reasoning, discourse coherence and management, and information structure. Assessment: Students are to moderate one session on a paper of their choice, which is to be selected from the official reading list or agreed upon in advance with the course instructor. In addition to that, they are to write a 2-page conference abstract based on the study discussed in the session they have moderated.