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Computational Storytelling and Narratology

WS 2021 Dr. Marco Volpe ONLINE
B.Sc modules:
CS-BWP-AI - Artificial Intelligence
CS-BWP-CL - (Computational) Linguistics
KOGW-WPM-CL - Computational Linguistics
KOGW-WPM-KI - Artificial Intelligence
M.Sc modules:
CC-MP-IDC - Interdisciplinary Course
CC-MWP-AI - Artificial Intelligence
CC-MWP-CL - Computational Linguistics
CS-MP-IDC - Interdisciplinary Course
CS-MWP-AI - Artificial Intelligence
CS-MWP-CL - (Computational) Linguistics
Wed: 16-18

The study of computational approaches to narrative understanding and generation, lying at the intersection of disciplines like computer science, cognitive science, linguistics and literary theory, constitutes one of the oldest areas in artificial intelligence. The interest in the field has even increased in recent years, together with the success of interactive entertainment and game systems and their demand of credible narratives with well-designed characters. This course will provide an overview of the main issues, approaches, and challenges encountered nowadays when modeling systems for understanding and generating narrative. Classical narratological notions from literary theory and their adaptation to computational approaches will be analysed. The focus will be on how research in artificial intelligence has interpreted concepts like character knowledge, author and character goals, causality, time by using formalisms and techniques from, e.g., planning, knowledge representation, case-based reasoning and temporal reasoning. Prerequisites: - Knowledge of basic concepts in artificial intelligence