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Projects in Deep Computer Vision

Independent Study Course
SS 2022 Axel Schaffland ONLINE
B.Sc modules:
CS-BWP-NI - Neuroinformatics
M.Sc modules:
CS-MWP-NI - Neuroinformatics

CS-BW - Bachelor elective course
Mon: 10-12

## Content and Goal In this class you will work on your own project covering topics in deep computer vision either alone or in a group. In the beginning we will plan the projects and incorporate your ideas. We will use the weekly meetings for brief summaries on what you are currently working on and discuss problems and solutions you have encountered. By the end of you will have completed a computer vision projected based on deep learning and will have documented it -- possibly in form of a thesis or maybe a paper. You will learn how to work on a project, communicate problems, ask for help, and work together to find solutions. The seminar stems from a previous seminar in the last semester. ## Target Audience 1. Students doing their Bachelor/Master/Ph.D. thesis in computer vision employing deep learning. 2. Students wanting to do a larger project in computer vision employing deep learning. Larger meaning more than in a seminar and less than a studyproject. ## Grading If you participate with a *standalone* project your grade will be based on your project, documentation and your participation in the weekly meetings. If you take this seminar for your thesis, no credit/grade can be given.