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Basic Programming in Python

SS 2022 Dr. phil. Tobias Thelen Hybrid
B.Sc modules:
CS-BWP-MCS - Methods of Cognitive Science
KOGW-PWB - Distinguishing elective courses

CS-BW - Bachelor elective course
Thu: 16-18

This course provides a basic introduction to programming concepts for English-speaking students. It is targeted at both, master and bachelor students without or with very little knowledge in programming who want to get involved in CogSci-subjects that require programming skills. The course will also serve as an introduction to the programming language Python. However, those who are interested in Python but already have basic programming skills in another language (e.g. Java from Informatik A) should have a look at the course "Scientific Programming in Python" instead. To pass the course, you will have to complete a number of homework assisnments, which will serve as an opportunity for you to apply what you have learned in the lectures.