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Computational Creativity Software Project

SS 2019 M. Sc. Leonid Berov OFFLINE
B.Sc modules:
CS-BWP-AI - Artificial Intelligence
KOGW-WPM-KI - Artificial Intelligence
M.Sc modules:
CC-MWP-AI - Artificial Intelligence
CS-MWP-AI - Artificial Intelligence

In this intensive hands-on course you will implement a computational creativity (CC) project, a 'thing that makes things'. CC is "The philosophy, science and engineering of computational systems which, by taking on particular responsibilities, exhibit behaviours that unbiased observers would deem to be creative". As such, your goal will be not to create a tool that enables an artist to be creative, but a system that might be ascribed creativity itself. I will give an introduction to fundamental CC concepts, then you will form groups of 3-4 based on project interests and implement a CC software in a domain of your choice. I will guide your creative process with concepts from Design Thinking and Agile Software Development to help get things flowing. The course will take place en-bloc during semester break. A preparatory task will be due with the start of the course, but I think it might even be fun. The details will be communicated in time via mail. Our educational objectives will be: - Become familiar with the domain-independent theory of computational creativity and learn to relate this knowledge to the creation and analysis of individual projects. - Acquire experience in the processes of collaboratively designing, developing and presenting a software project. - Acquire programming experience in a creative domain. Prerequisites - Programming experience in Python (important) - Basic knowledge in AI and ML, experience with implementing AI and ML systems is a plus - Preferably 4th semester and upwards - Theoretical knowledge in a creative domain like music, literature or art, and a creative streak will be helpful Schedule - preparatory e-mail in August - Course: 24.09.19 (Tue) - 27.09.19 (Fri) and 30.09.19 (Mon) , each day 10:00 - 18:00