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Neuromorphic Computing

L + T + Interdisciplinary Course (Master)
WS 2022 Dr. Daniel Brunner Hybrid
B.Sc modules:
CS-BWP-CNP - Cognitive (Neuro-)Psychology
CS-BWP-NI - Neuroinformatics
CS-BWP-NS - Neuroscience
KOGW-WPM-KNP - Cognitive (Neuro-)Psychology
KOGW-WPM-NI - Neuroinformatics
KOGW-WPM-NW - Neuroscience
M.Sc modules:
CC-MP-IDC - Interdisciplinary Course
CC-MWP-NI - Neuroinformatics
CC-MWP-NS - Neuroscience
CS-MP-IDC - Interdisciplinary Course
CS-MWP-CNP - Cognitive (Neuro-)Psychology
CS-MWP-NI - Neuroinformatics
CS-MWP-NS - Neuroscience

CS-BW - Bachelor elective course
CS-MW - Master elective course

Neuromorphic Technologies are becoming a important element of days edge devices. These technologies are all based on silicon based chips, that inherit some of the fundamental features of neuro inspired computing. While this is exciting, these designs can be seen as accelerators that lack significant fraction of the most important features of neuroinspired computing. This course will introduce the basics of neuromorphic computing, and will study existing technologies that have the potential to go beyond the today’s neuropathic implementation. Among the technologies that will be discussed, are optical compute systems that both, commute and communicate with light. Additionally, computing with complex dynamical systems, ranging from complex molecules, to biological substances, and membranes will be discussed. Aim of the course is to enable students to understand the principles of neuromorphic computing, and to allow them to navigate in the international research community in that field to get connected and to plan future studies. Montag; 07.November 09:00-10:30 // 10:30-11:00 // 11:00 - 12:30 // 12:30-13:00 Dienstag; 08.November 09:00-10:30 // 10:30-11:00 // 11:00 - 12:30 // 12:30-13:00 Mittwoch; 09.November 09:00-10:30 // 10:30-11:00 // 11:00 - 12:30 // 12:30-13:00