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Study project: Bed of the Future

SS 2023 Dr. rer. nat. Kristoffer Appel OFFLINE
M.Sc modules:
CS-MP-SP - Study Project
Fri: 10-12

In this study project we are building the “bed of the future”, i.e. a smart bed equipped with a variety of sensors and stimulation devices suitable for use at home, in order to create the best possible sleep experience. The sleeping person's sleep and dreams are measured, analyzed and modified using state-of-the-art approaches from multiple subfields of cognitive science such as machine learning, AI, psychology and sleep research. Several sub-goals are pursued with this Sleep/Dream 2.0 bed: - explore how sleep lab paradigms can be simplified and brought to non-scientists, e.g. memory consolidation studies or dream engineering paradigms - find out which sensors are best suited for this and which sensors can be sensibly combined in a domestic environment - try new types of devices that have not been used for sleep and dream measurement and modification and see how well they perform - investigate what minimum device configuration is required for different types of sleep studies We will record sleep data in the lab and at home, and design and run our own experiments to explore new ways of sleeping and dreaming. At the same time, a focus is placed on the (real-time) analysis of the data collected from all the devices using data science and machine learning approaches. This study project is open to Master's students with a psychological/physiological background and students with a programming/engineering/AI background. This project builds on the course "From polysomnography to dream engineering: Sleep and dream technologies of the past, present and future" and is carried out in cooperation with the non-profit Institute of Sleep and Dream Technologies, Hamburg.