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Study Project: Promoting your Wellbeing - Theory and Practice (Part III)

WS 2023 Ulf Krumnack, to be announced NN ONLINE
M.Sc modules:
CC-MP-SP - Study Project
CS-MP-SP - Study Project
Mon: 10-12

Recent decades have seen rapidly growing work on increasing one’s well-being, including a large body of scientific studies. The goal of this project is to make this insights more accessible by creating a (mobile) app that can provide personalized recommendations. The project will be supported by Prof. Quoidbach (Barcelona), a distinguished researcher in the field, who has already collected large body of data and launched the development of an app, which can serve as a starting point. The project can extend this app in different directions, for example by using machine learning to better understand structures in the collected data and provide the user with personalized feedback or by searching for the latest happiness interventions from literature. There are no hard requirements for participating in this course. Some basic knowledge in statistics, machine learning, and coding (or the willingness to spent some time in learning it) as well as an interest in the science of well-being are sufficient to join this project.