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Study Project: Dyadic eye tracking in virtual reality to investigate visual interaction (Part I)

WS 2023 Prof. Dr. med. Peter K├Ânig, Debora Nolte, Jasmin Walter OFFLINE
M.Sc modules:
CS-MP-SP - Study Project

CS-MW - Master elective course
Mon: 14-16

Language and communication are essential parts of our lives, but how do we communicate and understand each other? While we can explain and model many verbal communication phenomena (for example using the Rational Speech Act (RSA) framework), non-verbal interaction and communication, especially visual interaction and communication, has not yet received a lot of attention. Given the importance of non-verbal interaction, the question arises how similar it is to non-verbal communication and whether it follows the same underlying reasoning as verbal interaction. To investigate this question, we will implement an experiment design with simultaneous eye tracking of two participants in virtual reality. The core of the experiment is a cooperative visual reference game, where both participants try to select high-reward boxes. The catch: while only one person can see the reward of a box, the other person has to select it, and therefore, both participants must cooperate and work together non-verbally to win the game. The study project will consist of several components: - Implementation and piloting of the experiment in virtual reality (Unity) - Writing the ethics proposal - Data collection - Data analysis - Writing a report